Cold Cutting


A cold cutting procedure is used to cut and/or bevel (prep) pipe work without generating spark, flame or excessive heat. The fact that the procedure generates no flame and/or spark to complete the cut and weld preparation

makes it the safest and most cost effective way for abandonment, additions and replacement of pipe work.

Advantages of Cold Cutting



No spark

No flame

No air born contamination

No chance of Explosion

Cost productive

Trav L Cutter

  • Cuts, bevels and for making Victaulic groves from 6" – 72"  pipe diameter.

  • Cuts any exotic metals including cement lined pipes, ideal for field pipeline and buried pipeline maintenace.  

Guillotine Saw

Supper C: cuts 2- 12 inch in pipe diameter.

  • For the removal of redundant lines.

  • Demolition work.

  • Cuts any exotic metals.

  • Off shore platform leg cutting applications.

  • Buried line maintenance

Split Frame


SDSF(Small Diameter Split Frame)

  • Cuts and Bevels 1/2 - 6 inch in pipe diameter.

  • SDSF splits to fit over inline pipe and is also capable of performing socket weld removal and chip less wheel cutting.

  • Cuts any exotic metals.


(Low Clearance Split Frame)

  • A full line of models cover 2 - 48 inch pipe diameter.

  • low clearance design requires minimal space to setup and operate.

  • Fast cut and beveling process, cuts at speed of approximately 1 minute per inch in pipe diameter

  • light weight and protable for easy setup on off shore sites, boilers, petrochemicl sites.

  • Cuts any exotic metals.


HDSF (Heavy Duty Split Frame)

  • A full range of models cover 24 - 84 inch in pipe diameter.

  • The HDSF is ideal for big, tough jobs where tight radial or axial clearance are less critical.

  • Cuts any exotic metals.