Line stopping can be performed on many types of piping materials and for a variety of media such as

gas, water, sewage, oil, nitrogen and most air lines.

Consider this against shutdown!


Planning and co-ordinating of shutdown –meetings, schedules, paperwork

Notification of consumers or process plantpersonnel

Compensation to customers, los of goodwill.

Lost production and therefore profit in processindustry.

Direct labour cost – locate and activate valves.

Overtime rates for working at “low demand times” normally nights and weekends.

Drainage, purging and refilling of pipeline.

Disruption to road work systems by road closures.


By utilising C.S.T 29 ‘s under-pressure techniques, work can be performed allowing alteration, relocation, extension, addition, repair, replacement, maintenance or abandonment of pipe work with out shutdown or interruption of service to critical processes or consumers.

Various Hottaps and Linestops

Various Hottaps and Linestops

Various hottaps and linestops used to disconnect a plant without shutting the 2 plants down.

24" Gas Bag

24" Gas Bag

Gas bag was used as an extra precaution in order for welding.

Double Position Linestop

Double Position Linestop

8" #150 double position linestop where the client could not shut down the line.