Valve Management


Our aim is to save our clients time and money, by collecting critical data on all their Main Isolation, cross connection, and critical valves across their distribution system. When the problematic valves have been identified we implement our fully automated Valve Exercising procedure on these valves to recover their performance.  During the

Valve Condition Analysis we also implement a basic exercising procedure. Periodically implementing a

basic exercise procedure is critical as part of a successful Valve Management Program.

During our Valve Conditioning Analysis we collect comprehensive data on all the valves priding information such as:


Recording type of valve?

Whether the valve is operable?

What is the position of the valve?

Whether the valve is LH or RH turn?

The exact GPS co-ordinate of the valve?

What is the amount of torque to operate it?

The amount of turns required to close the valve?

Can the valve be repaired or should it be replaced

Valve Actuation

Valve Actuation

JHB water could not open or close the valve because it was too hard, so CST was called in to do valve actuation. Once CST was done, JHB water where able to open and close the valve with a T-bar

VMT-1 Trailer

VMT-1 Trailer

The VMT-1 trailer contains a TM7 to actuate big and problem valves, ERV-750 which has an extending arm for actuating valves in hard to reach places, contains a jet wash to clean the dirt on the valves or chambers and contains an automated vacuum pump which will collect and hold all the dirt and water in a tank.

Valve Actuation

Valve Actuation

Another successfully actuated valve



Used to actuate valves with a rising stem



Used to actuate gate valves

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